Not all SD-WANs are created equal!

ΗPE ARUBA Edge Connect SD WAN by Ιnfinitum. Ιncreasing productivity and security while lowering costs

As applications increasingly migrate from the corporate data center into the cloud, IT and business leaders are quickly realizing that traditional WANs were never architected for such a dynamic, internet-based environment. It is clear that backhauling traffic destined to the cloud from the branch to headquarters to the internet and then back again to the branch, negatively impacts application performance and user experience.


By building a modern WAN with Aruba and Infinitum, an Aruba and HPE Gold Partner, offers enterprises the potential to increase end-user satisfaction and business productivity through improved application performance, higher reliability, enhanced quality of service (QoS), increased security and improved visibility and control of applications running in their networks, regardless of the WAN connectivity service.


Ensuring continuous operations and high levels of application performance is a challenging and often time-consuming task for IT. Aruba improves the quality of experience for IT by enabling an SD-WAN that provides consistent, reliable application performance through features such as path conditioning, tunnel bonding, traffic shaping, WAN optimization and intelligent cloud breakout.

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    Aruba EdgeConnect maps applications to the appropriate business intent overlay, enabling the SD-WAN to optimize traffic handling decisions automatically. Aruba EdgeConnect continuously monitors WAN link performance, factoring real-time data about delay, jitter, and packet loss to adapt and make intelligent real-time traffic steering decisions. Moreover, Aruba EdgeConnect Enterprise continuously learns and adapts to optimize and dynamically change paths if necessary, to ensure no application disruption and peak performance at all times.

    Performance Matters

    While most SD-WAN offerings improve network agility and reduce WAN costs, Aruba enables enterprises to build a modern WAN that drives maximum value from cloud and digital transformation initiatives with a self-driving network that learns and adapts to the needs of the business.

    A Combination for ultimate results

    Combining Clearpass and Edge Connect SD-WAN, offers an integrated platform that automates role-based policies for the entire business structure.


    Embracing a modern SD-WAN approach with Infinitum, that is, a secure network foundation for Zero Trust and SASE, enables you to Connect and Protect what matters most, anywhere!